The  Aims and Objectives  of the  Society 

a.    To  Society  to  start  and  run to  establish  pre-primary, primary and high schools  and  Junior  colleges , degree  colleges

b    To  start  and  run the residential schools and affiliate schools and central syllabus schools.

c.    To conduct adult literacy classes, vacation training schools.

d.    To start an d run the residential schools and affiliate schools and central syllabus   schools (C.B.S).

e.    To start and run the library Science, Laboratory Science, B. Pharm  and Other Institutions.

f.    To conduct adult literacy Classes, Vocational Training Schools.  To establish Vidhya Peeth Art and ,literature Training School, and T.C.H., BEd., N.T.T, Colleges and other Institution.

g.    30. To start and run Industrial training Institution, Diploma College I.I.T., Institution  and Technical
College etc.

h.    30. To start and run commercial Training Centers and Typing and Computer Training centers.

i.    To start and run the self-employment training institutions.

j.    The upliftment of the poor people in education.


a.    To provide all types of Art goods and handicraft items Artisans and art
painting, Screen Printing and other printing works from State and Central
b.    Arrange the training programme to Artisans.

c.    The Society start and run the Ann Dasoh and Anna Chatra.

d.    The Society cab train to the women’s and other artisans regarding g,
improve their living conditions and leather and handcrafts products, small
savings, self help groups, etc. in rural and urban area.

e.    Society shall be to undertake various socioeconomic, educational and cultural activities to create self-reliance among women and poor.  To create entrepreneurship awareness understanding to marketing strategy procedures for financial assistance.

f.           To promote the activities in the field of social forestry, modern improved
Horticulture, Agriculture, Dairying, Sericulture, Bee-Keeping, Bakery, Vermi culture, Floriculture and Small savings for better quality of life amongst target groups.

g.    To work for successful implementation of national programmes like primary education, immunization, total literacy, polio eradication, population control, a forestation eradication of social evils and so on.

h.    The particulars of the governing body of the power of administe4ring the affairs of association under its rules and regulations are entrusted to the following.
i.     To promote develop and nature handicrafts handlooms and textiles.

III)    HEALTH:- Health Aware ness Activities like AIDS Awareness &Prevention, Polio Eradication, Nutrition Awareness for Children’s Health Awareness for women Health, Arranging Medical Camps in Rural & Urban Areas, Setting up to of institution or research & Development for Various Health Problem etc. of all Nature.

a.    Communicable & Non Communicable desias counseling and treatment centers.
b.    To Conduct the Day Care Centers and Laboratories.
c.    Toi Run The Blood Banks.
d.    To Run the BHMS, BAMS, BNYS, MBBS Colleges, Nursing Colleges, Diploma Colleges, Para Clinical Course colleges.
e.    .To Create Healthy Population Educate Preventive aspects of the diseases,
f.    Educate about the Hygiene, educate above preventive aspects of accident/ trauma.
g.    Sanitize the various health schemes to the urban rural population.
h.    To Conduct the T.B and Polio Contro0l Programmes.
i.    To run and promote the Blindness, Handicapped, counseling treatment and rehabilitation s centers.
j.    To Promote traveling treatment for tribal community for, orphans, Devadashies, and very poor low class peoples.
k.    To start and Run the Care Center for HIV/AIDS infested Children’s and adults.
l.    To promote and run the Rogi Kalyan Samiti in Rural, Urban & Tribal Areas.
m.    To Provide for Health Service by Organization Dispensaries Family Welfare Centers, Maternity and child Welfare Centers.  Nutrition Programs for Children.
n.    To Establish Medical Centers, Hospital, Moving Hospitals, Health training Centers, etc., in Rural and urban Area and Slum Area.
o.    To Undertake and Promote Family Welfare Activities to Organize Training and Adventure to the Rural Youths, to Undertake and Establish any Other Activities Decided by the General Body of the Society by time to time.
p.    A Disease like HIV/AIDS, is a measure Problem of Society, a Organization is giving most priority to prevent or Control HIV/AIDS/STT’S  through INTERVENTIONA Programmes. By all means Organization Wi8ll Contribute to achieve their target to Rebuilt our nation through their service for giving Health for Every home.  To make our Country Healthy.
q.    To Conduct the Programmes of Leprosy Elimination.


a.    Creating awareness among community people regarding personal
hygiene and other Disease.

b.    Providing formal/non-formal education to community people to increase
Their literacy rate.  To encourage and helping the community culture, Arts, Sports other useful activities.

c.    To employment programmers among the community unemployed through degrease their unemployment rate.  To start of some projects of environment protection, sanitation, water conservation.
d.    To stat of some programs tribal community of their socio-economic, Political improvements.
e.    To see that basic human needs are provided for in tribal c community areas.
f.    To promote and extend legal Aid, Legal Education among the community people.
g.    To Awareness above the slum clearness, housing problem & pure drinking water, for urban community.


a.    Providing education to them aware of their socio-economic and political rights and duties.
b.    To encourage and constitute self-help groups among women so as to increase of saving attitude and self help concept.
c.    To organize and  Self-employment trainings though Government departments or other NGO’s OR directly through the society or the women.

VI)  CHILD WELFARE:  Creating awareness regarding the health care of prenatal
child and mother new born child and mother.

a.    To provide educational Aids for Power student of school going children’s
b.    To the special care welfare programs of physically and mentally handicap children’s.
c.    Opening crèches centers.
d.    To start the hostel for child labor poor student of school going children’s
e.    To organize special programs to motivate the drop0-our children to return to schools.
f.    To identification and support of children art performance.
g.    To the co-ordination between Government and NGO’s for children’s welfare.
h.    To protecting children rights.
i.    To create awareness about non adjustment student of the school and teachers parent’s.


1.    To promote temperance, good habits among people especially youth for healthy society and making them aware about the social evils of drug addition, alcoholism, tobacco, consumption, child marriage, devadasi system etc.
2.    The bring change of positive outlook through protect youth power.
3.    Top the identification and support of youth different arts & sports.
4.    Create the effective leadership and organization for youth through community development.
5.    To training of youths to health adjustment of family marital life and their environment.
6.    To do the social and swayam Seva work.  And recreate the other sports functions.
7.    Generally to take such other steps as may be necessary to similarity the social economic and civil political conditions of the members.
8.    To provide ‘Prasad Nilaya’ to grant of medical help and food help to deserving persons during epidemic, famine, flood earthquake or any unforeseen calamity or war or war like operation, riots, civil commotions and similar occurrences.  To open blood banks ambulance facilities.


a.    To set up agri clinic or agribusiness center and offer profession service top innumerable farmers.  To set up vermi culture units through house hold women to improve the soil fertility and crop production.
b.    Agriculture and sericulture training program.


a.    To provide training in computer programming.
b.    To provide comp0uter services.
c.    To provide D.T.P and other technical services.
d.    To provide training in mobile repair and services.
e.    To provide training in Photograph and Video Shooting.
f.    To provide MAN POWER supply to eradicate unemployment.
g.    To provide in Xerox Repair and service.
h.    To undertake scheme work from government for self-employee i.e., integrated, rural development programmes, like TRYSEM/ DWCRA/ HJRY/M.W.S.I./JRY/DROUGH PRONE AREA PROGRAMMES/ DESERT DEVELOPMENT AND OTHER N.G.O’s  programmes and special food grains production programmes etc. to start the cargo transport and travels.